Social Engineering Assessment

Social Engineering Assessments & Phishing Testing


Comprehensive evaluation of employee security behaviour by measuring their susceptibility and response to advanced social engineering attacks.

Email is an accepted method of communication for all organisations and attackers leverage this method as it is easier to trick people than to identify and hack into the computer itself. With the increase of phishing as an attack vector it is an important requirement to perform periodic assessment of your employees who possess credentials, sensitive information and trusted access to your network.


Spear Phishing

Targeted email campaign directed at a subset of users within an organisation.


White-box testing, client supplies the email addresses for the assessment.


Multiple options on email templates and bespoke email content.


A minimum of 3 different email templates sent over a period of time at random frequencies.


Executive summary of the campaign detailing number of clicks and identification of high risk users.


Both high and low level presentation of findings to technical and/or executive team.


Fixed engagement cost.