Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Comprehensive Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments of both internal and external systems to identify vulnerabilities and achieve digital assurance.

Our digital assurance services provide a method of assessing your network and assets to identify security weaknesses and vulnerabilities so these can be proactively remediated to protect your critical systems from unauthorised access. We perform both vulnerability assessment and penetration testing of network and web applications, both internally and externally.


Network Vulnerability Assessment

Assessment of Network IP addresses.

Web Application Vulnerability Assessment

Assessment of URL’s.

Full Vulnerability Assessment

Assessment of both Network IP addresses and URL’s.

Network Penetration Testing

Testing of Network IP addresses.

Web Application Penetration Testing

Testing of URL’s.

Full Penetration Testing

Testing of both Network IP addresses and URL’s.


Comprehensive reporting detailing all notable findings throughout the assessment with recommendations and advisories.


Both high and low-level presentation of findings to technical teams and/or executive team.


Fixed engagement cost.