Network Security Assessments

Our Network Security Assessments include a through technical analysis of your network traffic, connected devices and infrastructure to detect threats, policy violations and data protection issues though continuous and forensic monitoring.

ConnectDS offer Network Security Assessments to protect organisations in Guildford, Surrey and London. It is a fixed engagement designed to fully technically assess an organisation’s current security standpoint and overall resilience against cyber threats.

Most organisations focus heavily on preventative solutions and assessing vulnerabilities. Although they have the lack of visibility to fully understand user and network activity, and whether they are already in a state of compromise.

Our network security assessment is a comprehensive layered approach using forensic monitoring with multiple threat detection and heuristic techniques. We can identify vulnerabilities and potentially compromised devices and will advise on the actions required to resolve these issues.


Full Packet Capture

Complete recording of network activity for network forensic analysis and threat hunting.

Activity Profiling

Statistical profiling of user and network-based activity to identify trends and anomalies.

Threat Intelligence

Detection of communication with known Malicious (blacklisted) hosts and services.

Intrusion Detection

Threat detection using an industry leading IDS engine with Heuristics running commercial threat feeds.


Deployment of a real time/deep packet inspection engine to perform inspection of all inbound, outbound and local traffic on your network.


Dynamic alerting upon notable detection of internal and external security threats.


Comprehensive reporting detailing all notable findings throughout the assessment with recommendations and advisories, delivered in hard copy and electronic formats.


Both high and low-level presentation of findings to technical team’s executive team.


Fixed engagement cost including implementation, provision of required hardware for analysis (such as RPI and IDS), extraction and secure wipe.

Is your business fully protected against cyber attacks? Talk to our specialists offering Network Security Assessments in Guildford, Surrey and London to discuss what we can do for you.

We also offer managed solutions for end user devices, networks and firewalls and SOC Services.