Security Assessments in Guildford, Surrey & London

Our highly experienced security team based in Guildford offers a suite of comprehensive, in depth security assessments for businesses in Guildford, Surrey and London. We provide the expertise, tooling and technology required for comprehensive analysis, auditing, and reporting for all your assets. The plans our team offers for security assessments can be seen below.

Network Security Assessment

Thorough technical analysis of your organisations’ network traffic and devices/infrastructure to detect threats, data protection issues and policy violations using tried and tested methods and industry leading tools. Our Network Security Assessments include continuous forensic monitoring through multiple threat detection and Heuristics engines – all conducted by our experienced team.

Social Engineering Assessment

Comprehensive and through evaluation of employee security-based behaviour. This is by measuring their susceptibility and response to advanced orchestrated and specifically targeted social engineering attacks – including bespoke malicious emails and other techniques. Our social engineering security assessments include Phishing Testing and more – all conducted by our experienced team either on site or remotely.

Penetration Testing

Comprehensive penetration testing and vulnerability assessments using advanced techniques and tooling of both internal and external devices. Systems put in place to identify vulnerable devices, networks, websites and specific applications – all conducted by our experienced team.

Looking for plans to help you to protect your business? As well as security assessments, we offer a comprehensive suite of security options.  These include security for endpoint/end user device, network, and infrastructure security of differing protection levels to suit your price point.

We are based in Guildford, Surrey and work in London and across the UK. Learn more about our team.