Managed SOC Services – Enterprise Security Operations

Fully managed SOC services, providing total visibility of your IT estate and giving you complete insight into activity across your networked devices.

Is your organisation’s network important to secure? Our skilled security analysts in Guildford, Surrey and London offer fully Managed SOC Services. We watch every action as it happens on your network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. All log data, system process activity and file changes are monitored for subtle attack patterns or unusual behaviour to help build a picture of threats in real time.


SIEM as a Service

Collect, store and analyse all of your log data securely in the cloud.


Avoid complex and time-consuming SIEM setups using our simple agent installation which means up and running in 15 minutes.

Global Reach

Data centres in over 20 locations mean your data stays in the country you want it to.


All data is encrypted in transit to ensure safe end to end transmission.

Full collection

Our service isn’t like traditional SIEMs. Send us all your data with no price penalties.

Host IDS

Powerful agents monitor your hosts directly looking for compromise attempts and alert immediately into our Security Operations Teams.

Process Monitoring

Beyond just SIEM, we look deep inside your hosts for suspicious processes and behaviours.

Advanced Machine Learning

Tailored algorithms constantly watch over your data looking for unusual patterns of activity which could indicate early threat indicators.

Hardening Checks

Automatic detection of weak system configurations with recommended remediation advice.


Instant categorisation, notification and visualisation of events and activities which have an impact on compliance standards like PCI DSS and CIS.

If you want to ensure your organisation’s network is fully secure and watched by specialists, contact us for SOC Services in Guildford, Surrey and London.

As well as SOC Services, we can help you with general Network and Firewall Security, End User Device Security, Phishing Testing, Penetration Testing and more. Learn more about our specialist team in Guildford, Surrey.