Advanced Endpoint Security

Managed Network Security

Fully managed service providing advanced endpoint security to your end user devices.

This service is layered upon traditional endpoint security to improve security posturing and provide next generation defences against advanced threats in addition to gaining forensic insight into the attack. This service enables organisations to mature their approach from legacy and inefficient approaches to endpoint security into developing mature capabilities to PREVENT, DETECT and RESPOND to today’s advanced threats.



Identification and process blocking of unauthorised encryption of files, with the ability to roll encrypted files back to their pre-attack state.


Signature-less anti-malware protection to prevent zeroday, unknown, and memory resident attacks and threat variants before executing without the requirement for file scanning.

Root cause analysis

Contextual insight to identify the source, activity and identity of threats.


Removal of traces of spyware and deeply embedded, lingering malware to restore performance and efficiency.


Software agent installed onto workstations running windows 7 systems and later.


Low subscription cost per device.