Protected Workstation

IT Security Services – Protected Workstation

Fully managed service securing your end user devices and performing frequent system health and optimisation tasks.

Our layered approach to data protection, with continuous device monitoring, delivers the minimum level of security that should be deployed on a business device to provide peace of mind, so your company can focus on the day to day business activities. The process of getting your business systems protected is simple with this fully bundled offering with no upfront costs, hardware or training required.


Proactive Monitoring

Active monitoring of system and system services to proactively identify issues before they happen.


Scheduled maintenance tasks to ensure system health and optimisation.

Patch Management

Hardening of systems by patching of tested windows and 3rd party software.

Web Browser Protection

Browser plugin providing reputational website scoring.

Enterprise Anti-Virus

Commercial grade Anti-virus software, with scheduled updates and scanning.

Enterprise Anti-Malware

Commercial grade Anti-malware software, with scheduled updates and scanning.

Asset and Inventory Tracking

Auditing of Systems, hardware and installed software.

Security Alerting

Notification and alerting of service and security events.

Security Remediation

Remote remediation of security concerns, either in background or via remote session with end user.


Low monthly subscription cost per device.