Enterprise Network Security

Enterprise Network Security – Firewall Security & more…

Fully managed service, ensuring that your network perimeter defences are protecting your organisation from internal and external threats whilst delivering maximum network performance.

Advanced visibility of network and device activity is monitored for ongoing threats using advanced threat prevention, granular application and web filtering. Remote management ensures further control and reconfiguration can be performed remotely and within a responsive time frame.



Enterprise-grade infrastructure included within the subscription costs.


Standalone or rack mountable deployments.


Delivering reliable connectivity and maximum performance.


Advanced security features for increased protection and visibility of threats including filtering of inappropriate or malicious web and application usage, network based antivirus and malware sandboxing.

Intrusion detection

Detection and blocking of known network based threats.


Customise and deploy granular and intelligent policies using specific application rules.


Control of guest network access and isolation from corporate and critical assets.

Remote management

Remote management for monitoring and responsive reconfiguration.


Increased visibility of network traffic and activity from connected devices using ‘Deep Packet Inspection’.

Threat Monitoring

Proactive monitoring to identify and respond to threats.


Simple Subscription service, including all hardware, licenses, implementation and ongoing support.