About ConnectDS

About Our Cyber Protection Team

The ConnectDS primary focus is delivering logical and effective resilience to our clients to defend against the cyber-attacks that organisations are faced with on a daily basis. ​

ConnectDS is headquartered in Guildford, Surrey, UK and was established to help simplify effective security and data protection services to protect mid-sized clients from the vast and increasing threat landscape.

As a technology company, our assessments provide technical analysis to reveal the unknown and provide the actionable intelligence to identify areas of focus. This intelligence driven approach provides thorough insight that exceeds the traditional “checkbox” assessments and consultative approach that lacks visibility of the environment.

The tools and techniques employed in our solutions are typically only found in enterprise environments, using advanced security products, tested processes and our internal security operations team we provide these solutions as fully managed solutions without the requirement for tooling and staffing challenges.

ConnectDS work with clients who don’t like to be sitting ducks.