Cyber Security Services Guildford, Surrey & London, UK

Connect Digital Security is headquartered in Guildford, Surrey, UK and was established to help simplify effective security and data protection services to protect mid-sized customers from the vast and increasing threat landscape. Mid-sized organisations are often looked upon as an easy target for cyber criminals, we protect our customers by delivering enterprise grade security solutions for clients who don’t like to be sitting ducks.

The ConnectDS approach incorporates a 3-stage process, assessment is the key to an intelligence driven approach, providing deep visibility through comprehensive assessment identifies areas to resolve and develop. Our services extend through to providing solutions to cyber security and data protection challenges and working with clients to respond to security incidents accordingly.




Why Choose ConnectDS?

Do you have the minimum level of security to protect your business devices?

Can you demonstrate the data you hold and process is protected “by design”?

Have you assessed your business communications to ensure secure transport and detect threat traffic?

Are you leveraging threat data to protect your organisation from known threats?

Have you assessed your internal and external assets for open vulnerabilities?

Are you relying on technology alone to protect your organisation or using technology to aid human intuition?

Do you have organisational policies defined specifying security requirements, acceptable use and adequate response in the event of an incident?

About ConnectDS

Connect Digital Security’s primary focus is delivering logical and effective resilience to our clients to defend against the cyber-attacks that organisations are faced with on a daily basis.


Our security assessments provide the expertise required for comprehensive analysis and reporting.

Managed Security Solutions

Our fully managed solutions incorporate the necessary security tooling and expertise to deliver effective and logical security defences.